Turnkey Emergency Supplies?

Turnkey Emergency Supplies?

Picture of emergency kit

“I’ve got to get this done!”

If you’ve said this once, you’ve probably said it ten times. After hearing an inspiring talk on self-reliance, after watching a massive storm devastate a distant state, or after witnessing a family member suffer through a crisis, you promise that this year you’re going to get prepared.

And then you don’t.

You’ve got the desire. You’ve got the resources. You’ve got the motivation. But preparing for an emergency is a big deal; it takes time and research and planning. And that’s something you don’t have.

So the gnawing feeling of something undone grows and continues.

If you’re tired of saying, “I should really get my emergency supplies in place” year after year, it may be time to hand the job over to someone else.

You already outsource your landscaping, vehicle maintenance, home repair, and vacation planning, and a half dozen other things to professionals. Turning over your Emergency Preparation to Provision Butler allows you to focus on what you do best and know that your family is ready for an emergency.

Go from the broken promise of “I’ve got to get this done” to “I’m done.”

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