The Prepared Mom

The Prepared Mom

As a female head of household, you may imagine that in the wake of a disaster or large-scale emergency you will have more responsibility than men under similar circumstances.

You’re not imagining it.

Your kids will step up when times get tough, but they are still going to be looking to you because you are “mom.” The habits and roles you have developed as an effective provider and nurturer in the good times will continue in the aftermath of a disaster, but under those circumstances, they can become a huge burden.

You are likely to take on your family’s stress as your own, eat poorer and sleep less than anyone else in an emergency. According to the American Psychological Association you are more likely to feel stress more strongly and identify it with physical and emotional symptoms than the men. And if that weren’t enough, women are at increased risk of being sexually assaulted or attacked in the aftermath of a disaster.

Preparing for an emergency as a single mom is not an impossible task—it’s not even more difficult than it would be for a couple. But there are some additional considerations, and (like everything else in your life), planning and organization will make all the difference.

Provision Butler can get you set up for an emergency, allowing you to continue to be the effective provider in hard times that you are every other day of the year.

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