Provision Butler’s Service

Provision Butler’s Service

“Done-for-you supply caches—just say what you want and we’ll make it happen.”

Whether you are just beginning to think about providing for an emergency or you have been working around the edges of emergency preparedness for months or years, Provison Butler is your complete solution. We can supply everything you need in one order and give you the confidence that you are completely prepared.

Our packages are flexible to accommodate your specific needs, existing levels of preparation, and family circumstances. For example—

A package at the $10,000 level might include: Food, water, tools, medication, protection, sanitation and even solar electricity for your family or group, discretely delivered and installed at the location of your choosing.

A package at the $25,000 level might include: Everything in the $10,000 level plus supplies for additional family members, enhanced provisions, and solar-powered land out-of-town on which to cache your emergency provisions.

A package at the $150,000 or higher level might include: The total remote turnkey setup—land in a remote location, a living structure, off-grid utilities, and provisions for a large family.

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