Group Provisions

Group Provisions

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” — Michael Jordan

Humans are wired to be social; and in an emergency situation social and familial ties can be almost as important and physical preps.

But more than just emotional and social support, getting together with others can make our emergency preparations much more effective. In a group you can find a diversity of skills, strengths, and outlooks, which means a richer, more secure environment in the face of a large-scale emergency. Groups can coordinate their supplies (how many can openers do you really need?)

Groups members can also combine resources and make more extensive preparations than they could singly. Perhaps you’d like to have and stock an emergency bug-out location in Wasatch County but can’t make it happen on your own. Chances are good that getting together with a few other like-minded families will make such a plan possible.

Provision Butler believes in the power of group effort. If you have a group that wants to prepare together, we can make the arrangements for coordinated supply and even offer a discount. If you are looking to join a group, we can do matchmaking and offer a discount.

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