About Us and FAQs

About Us and FAQs

About Your Butler

Ralph "Andy" AndersenR. “Andy” Andersen is the guy you want to know in an emergency. He has been a bush pilot in Alaska, flown attack helicopters in the Army, and been an outdoorsman his whole life. As a hunter and backpacker he has the skills to handle any emergency, and as a former airline pilot and business owner he knows how to treat people. As an emergency preparation expert, Andy knows what people need and what they should avoid as they prepare for an uncertain future.

Andy lives the life of a provider and his beautiful home in Utah’s Heber Valley is a model of what he wants to provide to all his customers—a discreet, comfortable, and welcoming haven for children and grandchildren that is also a refuge in times of emergency.

About Provision Butler

In 2009, Andy was helping a customer put solar panels on a family cabin so it could have off-grid electricity. When the conversation turned to using the property as a possible bug-out location in case of an emergency, Andy used his experience of providing for his own family to make recommendations. He ultimately provided a complete turnkey solution that made the family recreational property into a full emergency sanctuary.

Word spread and a needed service was born. Provision Butler now has a trusted, fully vetted provision network and can offer families across the Mountain West access to high-quality supplies of food, medicine, protection, water, and energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? You’re not alone; here are the answers to questions we’ve heard before. If you have a new question, ask it using the form below.

How long does it take for my supply cache to be delivered and installed?

That depends on what you’re ordering. Packages in the $10,000 range can be delivered in under a month, while more complicated orders can take two to six months. Some of the factors affecting delivery are time of year (if the supply cache needs to be buried, winter can be a problem) and permitting and construction timelines (if a building is being constructed or a well drilled).

How does payment work? I can I pay cash?

We accept all the common forms of payment, including cash, but all transactions will be processed through an escrow account and released according to an agreed-upon schedule. This protects all parties. The escrow can be established anonymously.

Who knows that I have purchased supplies from you?

Only I (Andy) know the names, contact information, and purchase details of customers. These records are kept on paper (not electronically), stored in a fireproof safe, and will never be turned over to anyone else. Confidentiality is our priority.